Thank You UTD

After six rather difficult months of paperwork and personal deliberation regarding my aborted degree, I have decided to finish my education. UTD has allowed me to continue working on the project that we all began last year with such enthusiasm and pioneering scientific endeavoring as a dissertation. I am of course referring to the Time Communication technology which is now the backbone of the Defense-corp 2007 Deus City Project, the empowering sole focus of our corporation which was founded for it, by it, and because of it in such strange new and unusual ways.

Therefore, I was able to successfully complete my Doctoral comprehensive exams this week which I gratefully passed with flying colors, and am quite happy to continue on the track towards the first inter-temporal science theory degree by writing and proposing my dissertation in the coming weeks and months. If all goes well then I will be able to use the unbelievable amount of knowledge and data being transmitted back and forth between 2037 and the present to become Dr. Fujimoto by this time next year.

I thank you all for your support with the project, those of you who have become temporal agents and those of you who are working in other capacities such as Fundi Technologies and the good people there who have worked so valiantly and at such great personal investment for what we all believe to be the greatest challenge mankind has ever received. When JFK challenged America to go to the moon, When FDR challenged America to take back its country from stifling poverty and depression, when the first pioneers went west to settle the great frontier plains, it is the great reminder to us that the future has given us dire warnings of things that might be, and challenged us to make a better world for ourselves.

I do not know the future, but as I watch the world of Deus City open itself to us more and more each day, building our trust and our hope for tomorrow, I see the things that I want to be, and the things I know we must endeavor to change, and I know in my mind that we are the new pioneers, the next great movement of history, and we are making a moon landing look like stroll to the store with the promises of tomorrow and the hard work of each of the FUTURE citizens of the greatest city in the world. For me this journey continues with my own education. Thank you everyone, thank you UT-Dallas for letting me continue my dream.