Phil is in trouble!

Alex informed me that one of our loyal agents discovered this video by Foo.
Alex is certain that this proves Phil's cowardice, I am not so certain. It is unclear to me what his intentions and motives were for hiding the video these two months, but it seems that he has now seen fit to embrace the correct philosophy of free-knowledge and truth in Science and Technology. I am somewhat concerned for his wellbeing, but feel inspired by his willingness to risk his life to pass on the file to us. It is now more important than ever that we find the location of this installation that we can retreive our people and put a stop to this Defense-corp before it is too late.

_Foo Defiant!


A call for support.

As you may have inferred, the feed is essentially useless to us now as anything more than a database mirror. The modern-day Defense-corp has seen through our little hack and is in direct control of what we are getting. Alex and I have a plan. We are now preparing to move on the location where Moore and Brackin are being held, but we are still unsure where that is. A number of clues exist and we are working night and day to uncover their veil of secrecy and crack the secret of their location! I ask you all for help.

You ask our goals? They are simple: to take down Defense-corp by any legal and appropriate means, to return the feed to its rightful owners and to make possible once again our agenda of free knowledge in the name of science and truth. This is what we know from Phil:

I don't know how much time I have before they come back! Yesterdaay morning the helicopter woke me up again and got curious, then lucky. Or maybe unlucky, I'm not sure anymore. You see, I found the channel the internal security cams are running on the other day and have been able to shut them down wehn I write my little excape notes like this one as a part of my encryption protocol. point being that I figure if I can turn them off I can also pirate and view them right? So when I hear that heli, thats excactly what I do. I'll be damned if I didn't fiund more than I bargained for! I didn't know what to do so I posted the thing on youtube as "holiday photos" - I don't know if you can do anyting about it but I now am convinced that I"m a prisoner here too. Its just a matter of time before my usefullness is over and they do the same thing to me. God I hope my encryption software is working and they aren't letting me hang myself with this! Tell Alex and Foo what's goign on, they will know what to do I'm sure of it! Alex was my best friend, he won't let me sit here and rot!!! watch?v=n47iYv9qryM

Help us. We believe that if enough agents pledge to science and truth that we can tip the balance of Defense-corp! Why not round up all your friends, have them take the farce of a test that the corporation has put into place, and then use their credentials against them? I'm discovering that the effects of our actions are already causing wildly erratic effects in my hacked database copy! Essentially when the new data is updated on the daily burst, those who have taken a public stand are changing future history and their own lives are being effected! It is fascinating and wonderful! Best case: We change the future! - worst case: A lot of people are improving their own future lives and the database of Defense-corp is taking the hit! We have been unable to find out much about this modern Defense-corp, but we have enough to make our strike as soon as we can pinpoint the location - Alex tells me the tipping point is soon. VERY soon.

_Foo Defiant!


An update

All has been quiet. I feel that my hiding place is secure as I have been tracking the movements of our known opposition at his thinly veiled nostredame.blogspot.com website. Coincidentally by spelling out the locations he described I feel confident that we now know his state of mind. While I never felt much need to even mention him, I feel it is important to let those of you reading this know that he has been moving consistently further away from my location and that the feed is in absolutely no danger.

That said, there seems to be a lull in the information that is coming down daily. It has been strangely quiet, and in fact I am beginning to wonder if they are receiving my daily reports. It is almost as if they know that anything they send will not arrive and so the simply aren't trying. No corrupt data, no communications - just data transference and the occasional Internet spider. I've tracked many of these spiders and am now convinced they are nothing more than a side effect of the data retrieval program which allows them to see our responses to their communications.

I've had the luxury of nearly six weeks of analysis now, and I can tell you a number of things for certain. Our original time communication theory was in error, and it appears that it has nothing to do with lasers in reality. As far as I can tell, our experiment ripped a hole in space-time and a stable sol-orbiting wormhole has been established which is allowing us to communicate daily when we line up with roughly the same time (I'm beginning to notice the microsecond difference) as when the experiment was first conducted. What I don't understand, is why Defensecorp isn't giving us more instructions on how to improve the link or to simply use a European Receiver or even a sattelite to communicate 24-7. It seems like that should work!

I'm starting to become suspicious that there is more going on than they would have me believe. All that remains logically is to wait and see until another solution presents itself.



An odd transmission

I'm posting this seemingly ordinary transmission - similar to all of the other daily feed intro vids because something caught my eye about it. I don't know if it means anything but I guess we will know tomorrow. Coincidentally it took literally 12 hours to decrypt it (usually it's instantaneous), and it was by chance that I even watched it twice and noticed the oddity, especially considering what happened last time.

_Foo Defiant!