A logical point of contention

On 11/28/06, Pam wrote:

Mr. Foo
A thought has occured to me concerning these "future"
messages. Are they actually from the future? Is is
not possible that a present-day organization merely
fed your team the information making you think it was
the future?
Is there any proof that the communiques are indeed
from a future earth? If not, then perhaps you should
reconsider who is to be trusted and who is not.
Thank you, Pam

Many of you already know that imbedded in the transmission on 11-11 was a second one for me and me alone. The proof: "President" Fujimoto used my real name: Mustafa Tang. I have since changed my name because for the first few weeks it was not safe. I am now hidden safely, where even Brackin can not find me, so as Pam has shown me, there are those who have not seen and heard this transmission... and as I have always said: Information should be free to all.

As to the question of trust: I need at least a week to finish what I've started, but some of you may have noticed that the password has been disabled on hackthefeed. I'm discovering how to overcome some of the barriers that defensecorp put in place, and feel that it is better that way. I excluded that little detail from my daily report and am waiting to see if they notice... so far they haven't. I'm tired of waiting for them to "process" us. I'm beginning to be a little weary of corporate politics, science and technology must be free for all, not put into a corporate box with a logo slapped on. The project was taken away from us for that very reason - but we hacked the feed. If needs be we will do it again.

_Fujimoto Defiant!


Technical Difficulties

Something has gone horribly wrong with today's transmission. Unexpected interference from an unknown source has corrupted the link and affected some of my data values. I'm working on it, please be patient. I'll let you know what I can when I am able to. Those of you who can may wish to log onto the feed and confirm that your corporate data has not been effected.

I have analyzed the last 36 hours worth of data and somehow everything on my secure servers has been doubled. I don't know why or even how it is possible, but even stranger than that are the small inconsistencies in the data between the two. It's almost as if the same transmission - today's transmission - were sent twice yet with subtle changes. The Lead-in video was corrupt for example. I'm theorizing that there must have been some sun-spots or space radiation that caused the effect, unless somehow yesterday's database errors caused us to somehow receive the transmission early?

That would of course be impossible as the transmissions have been coming precisely 30 years back to us. The oddest thing about it is the time stamp on yesterday's transmission from Dr. Vishnu - something that slipped by me until you pointed it out! According to the computer and the file itself, it appears to have been sent from today's date - meaning that if it WAS sent this morning at 11:11 Deus City Time, then somehow the transmission jumped a day further back and we received it a day earlier than we were supposed to. It took me all day yesterday to find it embedded in the transmission - could it have been an echo from today's transmission? If so why was the transmission changed?

If we can figure out how exactly all of this occurred - then might we be able to open up portals to other dates? I have written all of this up in my documentation and have put it into tomorrow's burst for their review. Perhaps then we can have some answers.

-Fujimoto Defiant!

Dr. Vishnu, Temporal Historian.

I for one found this reassuring and enlightening. I hope you do as well. Please post your questions here and I will make sure to forward them to Defensecorp promptly.
My apologies to all that this was not up at the time of transmission, it would seem that there was a small problem with my radiation noise filters today. It took me literally all day to sort it out. Not being anywhere near my old computer made it all the more difficult, however it turns out it was just some photonic interference. Cross referencing the data stream logs turned up nothing, so other than the delay, no harm done. Less than 9 hours till the next burst. Hopefully I have fixed the issue and there will be no more problems.
-Fujimoto Defiant!


Celebrate Victory with me!

It seems we have been victorious! The stream is coming strong and regularly every day. Our numbers grow larger and as the data installs itself onto our server the possibility of outside intrusion into our proprietary network seems less and less probable. Today's pre-burst communication was simple: "Well Done. Congratulations. You have done well". It seems that the others who opposed us have cowered back into the shadows in fear of knowledge and truth and as the gateway is opened to more and more who are volunteering for processing by the City, we grow stronger and victory seems unevitable.

Stay tuned into this site, for as the messages come so will I give them over to you. All information will be shared and free - that which was secret shall become known to all. It is because of you that we have been successfull in these first stages of the new world we are building together. The future is coming.

_Fujimoto Defiant!


Deus City - A logical appeal to the masses.

I was pleased to have received this information in today's contact. It seems that the time has come for all to enter into the welcome arms of Deus City and Defensecorp! The gatekeepers will stand down until they are needed again! ALL KNOWLEDGE WILL BE MADE FREE FOR ALL PEOPLE! Celebrate with me the peace and security that we have found in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY! Let information freely flow!

Security in compliance! Security in Defensecorp!

Foo Defiant!


It is almost time.

For those of you that are now helping us. Thank you. I am safely hidden and can finally stop moving.

VERY SOON we will be able to complete our short term goals and reveal everything that we know. Until then... to those who are loyal and have proven trustworthy:


_Foo Defiant!


My side of the story

Thank you to those who contacted me first. Especially the first four... I believe you know who you are. It was the confirmation I was seeking that this is indeed real. You have given me the courage to speak my side of the story. Please do not betray my trust.

-Foo Defiant!



Are you watching?


I believe we are witnessing a brand new world opening up before our very eyes! Embrace it with me, and we shall bring the knowledge of science and truth to the MASSES to pass judgement over it.

I can not do it alone,

_Foo Defiant!