Safety in Compliance, Safety in... YOU.

Thank you to all the loyal agents who successfully exposed the ring of cultists calling themselves among other things the "Sodality Brotherhood" and the "Sedulous Amalgamation" and who have been tracking the whereabouts of the so-called "folio". As you know, we have been quite busy in the here and now of 2007 converting the massive amounts of data from the future which are coming to us through the Temporal Interface from Deus City, but thanks to you the work is being completed slowly but surely, and every day the ranks of TIA agents swells!

The first blow to their organization has been struck both now and for the future. We now have in our possession two parts of the religious sect's book recovered in an undisclosed location in New Mexico, and have been studying it for clues to their dogma and end-game agenda. In the interest of free knowledge, something which I have always promoted, I have received the go-ahead for declassifying and releasing the contents of these pages for your review. Once again... thank you. At this time the status of other pages including the one for which the below library information seems to point to is unknown, but I am confident that your investigations will soon bear fruit to that end as well!

_"Foo" Fujimoto