An update

All has been quiet. I feel that my hiding place is secure as I have been tracking the movements of our known opposition at his thinly veiled nostredame.blogspot.com website. Coincidentally by spelling out the locations he described I feel confident that we now know his state of mind. While I never felt much need to even mention him, I feel it is important to let those of you reading this know that he has been moving consistently further away from my location and that the feed is in absolutely no danger.

That said, there seems to be a lull in the information that is coming down daily. It has been strangely quiet, and in fact I am beginning to wonder if they are receiving my daily reports. It is almost as if they know that anything they send will not arrive and so the simply aren't trying. No corrupt data, no communications - just data transference and the occasional Internet spider. I've tracked many of these spiders and am now convinced they are nothing more than a side effect of the data retrieval program which allows them to see our responses to their communications.

I've had the luxury of nearly six weeks of analysis now, and I can tell you a number of things for certain. Our original time communication theory was in error, and it appears that it has nothing to do with lasers in reality. As far as I can tell, our experiment ripped a hole in space-time and a stable sol-orbiting wormhole has been established which is allowing us to communicate daily when we line up with roughly the same time (I'm beginning to notice the microsecond difference) as when the experiment was first conducted. What I don't understand, is why Defensecorp isn't giving us more instructions on how to improve the link or to simply use a European Receiver or even a sattelite to communicate 24-7. It seems like that should work!

I'm starting to become suspicious that there is more going on than they would have me believe. All that remains logically is to wait and see until another solution presents itself.


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