Thank You Agents!

Once again through your collective thoughts and logical actions you have come through for me and for the future! Today is the day we PROVED that the future can be changed!

I recently received absolute confirmation from a source deep inside the

so-called "Brotherhood" of Deus City that they are indeed promoting the search for something they are calling "The Folio of Nostradamus."

I have been asked why I would even care by some of you. Well the answer is simple: I do not. In fact I hesitate to even post the pictures that I received but for one reason and one reason alone. I want you to see first hand what this rabble-rousing cult of the future is about so that the world can see and know what I know. Brackin - or is that "Brother Theo?" is barking mad, and intends to suck you down with his dogma of inevitability and his "Deus ex Machina!"

Therefore I put it before you. Will you let those who believe the key to the "predestined future" - led by an insane Oedipus Rex - collect this folio and use it to start the terrorist organization known as "The underground" in three decades time? Already fools like the unknown leaders of "The Union" have begun down this path. I SAY IT STOPS AND IT STOPS HERE AND NOW! The iteration of the future which has been handed back through the pages of time must NOT come to pass.



Agent Hook said...

Special Agent Fujimoto.

You jump to conclusions too easily. Yes I began to search for the page of the folio that was hidden away in one location or another, but I could not find it. Personally had I discovered the page I would have destroyed myself. The Union was allied with the Brotherhood once but when we learned more of their self fulfilling prophecies we chose another path, a path that does not seek to end with the destruction of the world that is predicted by the Brotherhood but with the liberation of its people.

Remember. It was you who convinced me to work toward changing the future, you and you alone. That is exactly what I am doing whether you like it or not.

- Agent Hook
- Presumed Guilty

Agent Hook said...

Hmm. Curious typographic error. I meant to say that had I discovered the page I would have destroyed it myself. The things we say when we think too quickly.