Temporal Errors

This weekend it seems that strange things have been coming down the feed.

Some of you have already noticed that there were odd database glitches in the system in the last few days. Specifically within the news feeds... It is odd to me that we are once again seeing this error. One - Two - even Three days into the future beyond the set thirty years that we have come to feel comfortable with.

While mildly disconcerting, it is good to know that our temporal safeguards are strong, and even though the inexplicable cascade effect we experienced first allowed us to see messages further ahead than we normally can, it also proved that the temporal error safety features are also working since we evidenced the news feature shut down completely.

A number of theories as to the cause are being considered, including "sun spots", "Inter-temporal static", and "Photonic interference" for the feed... but I'm confident that by comparing our data with that of the previous errors in the early days of the feed, we will find the solution and perhaps even be able to capitalize on it.

I am considering whether it would be to our advantage to push forward this communication glitch in such a way as to be able to read Deus City's news feeds back to them the day before the occur and perhaps even aid in changing their day to day lives?

As of this moment, the interference is past and we have restored the temporal interface to working order. Should any agents find strange glitches such as this, please notify Defense-Corp immediately so that we can assess the phenomenon and make our interface even better.


Someone said...

Do you really think we're that stupid? Have you bother to read what all of the so-called "errors" say. Whoever has been writing them has been telling us something, my guess is that it is something you don't want us to hear. You want to hold down the people so that they will make sure you become leader of Deus City, even if you know it already. You really believe we are stupid enough to fall for this, you really do have another thing coming... Welcome to the real world Foo, I hope you like it... I'm hoping your stay won't be long however.

Anonymous said...


You know nothing.

What "they" are telling you is unimportant and dangerous.

Safety in compliance, safety in Defensecorp!


Wavecrest said...

The errors seem to be hacks... probably from the Underground. It's been happening a lot more lately. Maybe something big is going on?

And I'm guessing you DO know that and are keeping silent so that people don't know what you know.

Misgnomer said...

You are tampering with stuff you not suppose to. Do not make the mistake that no one is watching you.