I'll see you in the interface

Now that the secure interface Version 2.0 is up, my temporary assignment as "contact" for for our time has been officially taken over by the Assistant Director. I am relieved.

I wish to personally thank those of you who have been loyal to me in these recent days for your level-headedness, patience, and calm logical intercourse, and hope that you will still contact me when you see me in the interface. I too am an active Temporal Agent and wish to learn as much as possible about our city before we come full circle with ourselves.

This will allow me to turn much more of my attention to Defensecorp 2007, and our end of things. I will endeavor to keep you posted on our progress and our status well into the future. The company is in great need of direction right now, we have made the transition from NPO into a For-Profit organization while maintaining many of the company's connections and ties with smaller companies which we are proud to assist such as "Funditech" which you know, based out of my home city of Dallas. We do not even have a real website yet as you may know, but I will happily take design submissions for any agent wishing to earn a few extra credits and my gratitude.

As many of you already know, I am a strong supporter of Science and Truth through Logic, and if you are of like mind then I implore you to become a temporal agent yourself if you are not yet. Help me in my endeavors against those that would corrupt the ideal that is Deus City: The illogical hodgepodge "united" church, the short-sighted "underground", and this rediculous "brotherhood."

I am also on a quest in the here and now of 2007, to find my missing friends for whom I have much fear. I have much to say to both of them.

By way of closing, I quote my future self: "The future is coming! Can you change it?"

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Anonymous said...

is "rediculous brotherhood" wrote that way on purpose?