The Surprising Origins of Defensecorp

I have been going over and over the records of Defensecorp 2007 these last few days and have come across a strange and unexplained fact. I have debated internally whether it is in everyone's best interest for me to share this knowledge, but on that same token I have always felt that knowledge should be free and considering that these facts were true long before I took my current place here at the corporation at the start of the year, it seems the right thing to do. That combined with the possibility (though remote) that someone might come forward with this knowledge before my disclosure of it has convinced me that the moral and ethical choice for me is to publish the truth now before it goes any further.

Defense-Corp was created in 1989 as a worldwide non-profit humanitarian aid organization with access to worldwide resources and locales funded largely by a highly successful industrial manufacturing mega-corporation which opted to remain anonymously absent from nearly every document and legal paper I can find. As you may realize, we are currently in the process of fundamentally restructuring Defensecorp (our DBA) due to a number of factors, not the least of which is that our funding from this very difficult to trace company has been effectively cut off since the end of the calendar year for whatever reason. As a product of this restructure we are now very much a for-profit organization and therefore in many ways nothing that has gone on before matters since it is a simple matter of months before we will be publicly traded and well on our way to becoming the governmental entity we are destined to be in the near future of Deus City - all because of the information sent back by them in the first place.

This aside, however, the question of who originated Defense-Corp in 1989 still lingers, and my investigations have led me to realize that this enigmatic parent company has in fact operated at a loss in order to pump billions into Defense-corp for nearly a decade, floating along through some other unseen financial means. It is unclear to me why this patently illogical business practice was allowed to continue by the board of trustees or the shareholders, but it seems to me that there is more going on here than any of us had previously known. Had we not interceded I do not know what would have become of this company or the future. That said, I have finally managed to uncover a copy of the original documents of formation for Defense-Corp, and while as lengthy as a novel, and ridiculously obtuse throughout it did finally reveal to me the true origin of this company. My company. Deus City's one hope of survival beyond the possible coming events.

On but one page of this now defunct volume does there appear the name of the parent corporation; at the top of a waiver of rights and privileges to some third party which is unnamed for purposes of decision making and internal affairs. It is presumably this group then who have been keeping the business afloat for some reason while channeling their money into the named parent corporation at a loss in order to forward some agenda which I do not understand. At the bottom of the page is a signature. The name of the corporation's founder and C.E.O., and the one to whom the blame must be cast for running his corporation into the ground and selling out to this unnamed group which funded his corporation and it's NPO subsidiary - that is to say Defense-Corp. I want it made clear that I was aware of none of this until very recently.

The name of Defense-Corp's parent corporation was "Wright Industries." The name of the man who signed it all away to an unknown financial backer in 1989 to create the NPO was none other than the late Alexis Wright Sr., President & C.E.O.

Now you understand my dilemma. If any of you have managed to make contact with Alex following the unfortunate events of last month, then PLEASE ask him to contact me about this unforeseen turn of events. I am certain that he does not know these things. My attempts to contact him have gone unanswered.

_Tang Fujimoto
President, Defensecorp 2007

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