Deus City - A logical appeal to the masses.

I was pleased to have received this information in today's contact. It seems that the time has come for all to enter into the welcome arms of Deus City and Defensecorp! The gatekeepers will stand down until they are needed again! ALL KNOWLEDGE WILL BE MADE FREE FOR ALL PEOPLE! Celebrate with me the peace and security that we have found in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY! Let information freely flow!

Security in compliance! Security in Defensecorp!

Foo Defiant!


KGBrAm said...


Stickittotheman said...

We'll be ready for when and if the gates need to be watched again.

Safety in Complilance, Safety in Defensecorp.


Bop said...

Im behind you Foo and your ideals.

Safety in Compliance. Safety in Defensecorp.

-Ricky "Bop"

Mister Morden said...
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Mister Morden said...

What in the unholy Hades...? THIS is what you betrayed Dr. Bracken for?! This future must not be allowed to come to be. You lied to us, Foo. You told us that you acted in the name of freedom and liberty, but you come to usher in a future where we sacrifice freedom on the altar of safety?! You have made a powerful foe today, Foo. I shall fight you with all of my strength, and all of my wisdom!