A logical point of contention

On 11/28/06, Pam wrote:

Mr. Foo
A thought has occured to me concerning these "future"
messages. Are they actually from the future? Is is
not possible that a present-day organization merely
fed your team the information making you think it was
the future?
Is there any proof that the communiques are indeed
from a future earth? If not, then perhaps you should
reconsider who is to be trusted and who is not.
Thank you, Pam

Many of you already know that imbedded in the transmission on 11-11 was a second one for me and me alone. The proof: "President" Fujimoto used my real name: Mustafa Tang. I have since changed my name because for the first few weeks it was not safe. I am now hidden safely, where even Brackin can not find me, so as Pam has shown me, there are those who have not seen and heard this transmission... and as I have always said: Information should be free to all.

As to the question of trust: I need at least a week to finish what I've started, but some of you may have noticed that the password has been disabled on hackthefeed. I'm discovering how to overcome some of the barriers that defensecorp put in place, and feel that it is better that way. I excluded that little detail from my daily report and am waiting to see if they notice... so far they haven't. I'm tired of waiting for them to "process" us. I'm beginning to be a little weary of corporate politics, science and technology must be free for all, not put into a corporate box with a logo slapped on. The project was taken away from us for that very reason - but we hacked the feed. If needs be we will do it again.

_Fujimoto Defiant!

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Wabonan said...

Foo Iam still with you If you feel the need to reactivate the gatekeepers I'm still on your side thanks David