Technical Difficulties

Something has gone horribly wrong with today's transmission. Unexpected interference from an unknown source has corrupted the link and affected some of my data values. I'm working on it, please be patient. I'll let you know what I can when I am able to. Those of you who can may wish to log onto the feed and confirm that your corporate data has not been effected.

I have analyzed the last 36 hours worth of data and somehow everything on my secure servers has been doubled. I don't know why or even how it is possible, but even stranger than that are the small inconsistencies in the data between the two. It's almost as if the same transmission - today's transmission - were sent twice yet with subtle changes. The Lead-in video was corrupt for example. I'm theorizing that there must have been some sun-spots or space radiation that caused the effect, unless somehow yesterday's database errors caused us to somehow receive the transmission early?

That would of course be impossible as the transmissions have been coming precisely 30 years back to us. The oddest thing about it is the time stamp on yesterday's transmission from Dr. Vishnu - something that slipped by me until you pointed it out! According to the computer and the file itself, it appears to have been sent from today's date - meaning that if it WAS sent this morning at 11:11 Deus City Time, then somehow the transmission jumped a day further back and we received it a day earlier than we were supposed to. It took me all day yesterday to find it embedded in the transmission - could it have been an echo from today's transmission? If so why was the transmission changed?

If we can figure out how exactly all of this occurred - then might we be able to open up portals to other dates? I have written all of this up in my documentation and have put it into tomorrow's burst for their review. Perhaps then we can have some answers.

-Fujimoto Defiant!


Anonymous said...

My prestige has doubled.

I still have only 1 credit, and my karma is still red =/

Anonymous said...

My prestige has doubled.
My credits and karma are the same (why can't I have green karma? :-))

Anonymous said...

Foo did you ever think that two alternate futures were sending you slightly different information back to the same time. Mabe because someone has changed your precious future a little.

Casey said...

You're hiding things Foo!

Why haven't you posted the film, documentiong what happens from 2012 and onwards?

Anonymous said...

I recently shared some of my concerns with Foo, and he asked me to likewise share them with all of you. Here is a copy of my E-mail to Foo...

On Dr. Brackin's blog, he said that he didn't understand some of your actions and speculated that the reason may be cultural. I just thought it might give me some more insight into your personality. You don't have a peculiar background, though, so I'm suppose he was barking up the wrong tree. (BTW, I myself am very much in favor of mixing up all of humanity into an even shade of brown. Or whatever color it would end up being. One less thing for people to fight over.)

I certainly agree that we should not cast away guidance from the future lightly. However, guidance may be benevolent or malevolent, regardless of the source. I have many grievances with the US government, but I am somewhat hard pressed to come up with another government I would choose to live under. England spies on their citizenry like it's going out of style, Germany practices censorship, Japan wouldn't have me, Italy is throwing around votes of no confidence like that's going out of style, and just about everyone wants a massive chunk of my income as taxes. I also consider equal status under the law for women as a must, so that rules out most historical governments as well, including most of the history of the US government. My point is that the US government is something of a high point from a historical perspective.

As an aside, I think that the Clinton years were so great because he had a Republican congress to deal with. Every time he wanted to do something silly or horrible, Congress screamed bloody murder until he dropped whatever it was. Expect to see similar screaming coming from the same building over the next two years.

As you continue to watch these broadcasts, remember that each and every thing they are broadcasting may be a lie...especially the part about all information about technology being free to everyone. That theme has struck a particular chord with you; a theme that may have been crafted to ensure your unconditional support. Remember that they're from our future, and probably have your biography (and maybe even mine!)