Hack the Karma

This may amount to nothing more than a temporal experiment of cause and effect, but I have decided to push back against the machine a little bit. If you are like me you may have noticed that your Agent Profile contains something that Deus City is calling "Karma". I'm not sure exactly how this is quantified exactly, but I aim to find out.

I have been poking around with the interface a little bit and I think I have discovered the variables in our profiles which are determining our abilities to navigate the virtual city interface. At the risk of exposing what I am doing to the future with this "historical record" I am going to try to make some minor adjustments to the agent profiles of those who are with me in this belief. You should notice the ability to get around a little easier than before - In effect I have hacked our karma.

I do not know what the long term effects of this will be but I suppose time will tell. I suppose the only question is will I let myself get away with it since I know I'm going to have done it? Or is there more going on than I have the power to let myself know at this time and I have been waiting for me to do this very thing from the start. Let the experiment begin. Any of you wishing to expressly participate in this risky gamble - you know how to contact me.

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