A Quick Presidential Progress Report

The Defense-Corp scientists are working around the clock and we are right on schedule with our expected release despite some minor security and temporal congruity issues. It seems that there are some minor errors in the temporal logs, but they seem to be originating from Deus City rather than the here and now, so we are enacting some new security protocols to compensate. Hopefully these odd security breaches will not be a problem for our agents when the interface software goes live and the temporal assignments are posted late this week.

On another note, January 7, 2007 during one of our ongoing emergency board meetings to effect change in the company - the motion passed to adopt the name "Defensecorp" as an official DBA of "Defense-Corp, Inc". As to inquiries of why this change was necessary, I say simply that it is time to move forward with the new company policies. It is because the future is coming - we changed it.

_Mustafa Tang Fujimoto,
President, Defensecorp 2007

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