It is done... at least for now.

Alex Wright has taken his leave of me. His anger is somewhat justified I admit, but his petty inability to sit and discuss matters has strong-armed me into taking matters into my own hands as needs be. You should know that effective January 1, 2007 I am now the majority share holder of Defense-corp, a philanthropic world charity organization which specializes in providing small companies with large contracts that has maintained a low profile until the odd recent events - which have unfortunately been mis-percieved by many, including myself. Representatives from the future are now working closely with my people to create a new temporal interface through which you can better receive your temporal investigator assignments - Which as I understand it represents a rather significant backlog of assignments from the city, which are being redirected to the Deus City "Temporal Intelligence Agency". We have a target date in the near future for launch of this new interface, those of you who are registered as Temporal Agents will be hearing from us when it is ready. Those who may be interested in joining this elite group of agents should submit a virtual application through the established means for psychological screening.

The following is how all of this came to pass:

Upon recovery of the temporal feed on Christmas Day, 2006 we immediately began receiving the FULL and UNFILTERED transmissions once again from our future selves in DEUS CITY of 2036, once they were able to glean from their historical records that it was safe once again to transmit. Included in this first transmission was the legal information I needed to stake a RIGHTFUL and LEGAL claim of ownership on Defense-corp and its holdings. While the transmission made no mention of Alexis Wright or his rights and future assets, I assured him that once everything was ironed out from the legal perspective, that he would be compensated fully for his help - without which none of this would have been possible. Unfortunately he declined and has instead turned his attentions presumably to his own Wright Industries, which following his father's death is now in need of much attention and governance. I wish him well and hope that our two organizations will have a longstanding mutually symbiotic relationship long into the future. Time will tell.

As long as the "thank you" list is being written I must also thank the enigmatic "Brother Theo"
. His misguided efforts and blind faith allowed us to track both his movements and his destination. without him we might never have found the inner-Mexico facility where Phillip Moore was being detained since mid-November following his unfortunate and premature decisions regarding the company. Unfortunately I have no information regarding the whereabouts of Phil at this time, but I have hired a private investigator to track his last known movements, if either happens to contact you, please cooperate to the fullest and let us know. Of course none of this information would have been available to us if not for you, our loyal temporal agents. Thank you for your hard investigative work and problem-solving efforts.

Thank You for everything.

_Mustafa Tang Fujimoto,
President, Defense-Corp Inc. 2007

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Foo, what happened to Alex?
He's not answering his E-mails