A Puzzling Dilemma

As many of you know, much of this part of the world is covered in a nice sheet of ice, causing intermittent power and heat. This has of course affected our ability to launch the Temporal Agent Interface by a few hours or possibly days, but rest assured that the future is coming VERY SOON.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing is that the scientists of Deus City did not feel it necessary to warn us about the likelihood, or indeed historical certainty that we would not be able to make our trans-temporal deadline. When I questioned them on this there was no clear answer, but the general consensus seemed to be that the deadline was never set for this weekend in the first place, and that we are right on target after the expected weather delay.

My theory about this is that perhaps something changed the future through our actions, but does the weather really fall into this category? I'm frustrated and confused, but also relieved since they assure me that the new release target will go through as planned with great success. As Dr. Vishnu said, "We can't, because we didn't - therefore we mustn't". I suppose we all still have a lot to learn about the mysteries of time-communication. This promises to be a fascinating year for us all.

_Tang Fujimoto
President, Defensecorp 2007

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